For 2005 Ford Explorer 4B Trunk Remote Head Key Fob


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Brand new aftermarket key with fully assembled electronics, battery, and uncut key. This key will work just like your original in form and function, but does not come with a logo. Before purchasing, please make sure that your key looks identical and matches in both part number and FCC. If your ignition has a collar, this key will not work for your vehicle. The collar will prevent the key from fully inserting into your ignition. This key will not replace proximity keys, smart keys, or keys for vehicles with push button start. If your vehicle does not come equipped with electronic locks, then the remote will not work.

Key must be cut by a professional locksmith or dealer to fit your vehicle. Keys can be self programmable if you have two already working and programmed keys. Please keep in mind that some vehicles are not equipped with this technology and will require a professional locksmith or dealer to program your key. If you don't have a key at all or only have one key, this key will need to be programmed by a locksmith or dealer. 



2004-2011 Crown Victoria
2007-2015 Edge
2005-2012 Escape
2003-2017 Expedition
2001-2015 Explorer
2001-2010 Explorer Sport Trac
2005-2007 Five Hundred 500
2009-2017 Flex
2005-2012 Focus
2006-2012 Fusion
2005-2014 Mustang
2000-2017 Taurus
2003-2005 Thunderbird


2003-2005 Aviator
2003-2006 LS
2009-2013 MKS
2006-2013 MKX
2007-2017 MKZ
2003-2015 Navigator
2005-2011 Town Car
2006-2009 Zephyr


2007-2011 Tribute


2005-2011 Grand Marquis
2005-2011 Mariner
2006-2011 Milan
2005-2007 Montego
2000-2010 Sable

Part Number

CWTWB1U793 , OUCD6000022




OEM 4D63 80 Bit


Brand New Aftermarket


315 Mhz

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